Austere Skin with scrollbars

Hello all,

i´ve a problem with austere skin, the central colum have scrollbars and i dont like it, i think the central-column must be 50px to 100px more. The second thing i would like to change the with to 1100px

i have tried it but it doesnt work, because if i change the with i must change the central column and if i change this i must change the other things to, but i dont have knowing abou the css.

here are the code i think so:

/* Styles for the fixed width layout */
.helper-container, x:-moz-any-link {
padding-right: 1px;
#container {
padding: 0px;
width: 993px;
margin: 0px auto;
.central-column, .container-right .central-column, .container-left .central-column {
background-color: #ffffff;
float: left;
display: inline;
margin: 0 213px 15px 212px;
width: 568px;
padding: 13px 0 15px 0;
.container-long .central-column {
padding: 11px 13px 30px 13px;
background-color: #ffffff;
margin: 0px 3px;
width: auto;
.container-right .central-column, .container-left .central-column {
margin: 0px 0px 15px 212px;
width: 779px;
.container-left .central-column {
margin: 0px 212px 15px 0px;

.left-column {
padding-top: 10px;
float: left;
width: 160px;
margin-left: -977px;
.right-column {
padding-top: 11px;
float: left;
width: 171px;
margin-left: -183px;

thanks for fast help!