Attention cart-power

Hi @cart-power,
I made a purchase on order. №1020614

There appears to be problems with your service desk.

A ticket was raised. [CPTID177070]
The ticket has disappeared from my account, so have the credits. Everytime I log in I am asked to reset my password which isn’t remembered. I haven’t had a response since the below and on Friday I was sent a e-mail asking if I had any questions about installing the product.

Please get back to me using detail in order (still in my account) or ticket (seems to have vanished) so we can get the add-on working.

On wednesday I provided FTP details and I can no longer find those in my account either or where they would be entered?


I have disabled the indicated add-on and the restrictions add-on still does not function. I have tried saving a payment restriction on a product and it does not save (nor is there an entry in the cscart_cp_object_paym_rest) Table.


Subject: [CPTID177070] Contact Us

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Thank you for contacting the Cart-Power company.

My name is Vladimir, I am a Technical Support specialist at Cart-Power and I will be glad to help.

I was able to successfully install in my development domain after a couple of attempts. It was quiet glitchy and the add-on manager seems to regularly throw errors i.e. displays there was an error or enter show add-ons and they don’t show, and/or lags for 10 seconds. The add-on cp:restriction tab appeared on product however on testing no restriction resulted and in addition throws errors when I enter my existing shipping methods (via administration/shipping and taxex/click on shipping method

We already completed an express analysis, the issue is caused by the fn_dsz_get_shipping_info_post hook in Custom Shipping Method Selector add-on.

Also another screenshot is attached.

You can contact this add-on developer for help, or we can help you.

But since it is a conflict with third-party add-on, we will help for support credits.

Your balance is 20 support credits.

When needed again a support package can be ordered at

It will also take at least 3-4 business days due to our current high workload.

Also the server access will be required if you choose our help.

You can provide it in the section My account / Access data of your helpdesk account at

If you do not know or forgot your password, you can restore it here: Recover password - Cart-Power HelpDesk

Use your email as a login.

Looking forward to your reply.

Greetings, chickentwisty!

We just checked and your ticket is perfectly fine and it did not vanish or disappeared. Please let us know what email are you using when log in our HelpDesk (in private message, if you will) and we will go from there.

The access credentials are always to be filled in the secure Access Data page of your helpdesk account at

I actually replied to you on 20/03/2024, at 15:00, message #655533 that your Access Credentials are valid and the task is already at work.

We will inform you of the results in 2-4 business days in the topic.

Best regards,