attachements, where should I see the attached file on the frontend

attachements, where should I see the attached file on the frontend.

I have attached a avi to a product but can’t find it on the site… the manual doesn’t tell me much?

There should be a file labelled “Attachments”.


Should it appear in a tab along with

* Description

* Features

* Send to friend

* Tags

* Reviews


Or somewhere else on the product page?

I have attachments active in the addons section, and have the attachments tab under products, and have uploaded a couple test attachments, but nothing showing anywhere.

I am using the cars skin?

[QUOTE]Should it appear in a tab[/QUOTE]

Yes, a new tab will be shown for products of which you have included attachments.

hmm… no tab. Nothing in the source either (html source of the product page).

are there any other switches I may have missed?

In your admin panel, while viewing a particular product of which you have attachments, is the attachment checked as being “Active” ?

Yes, it is listed as active.

However when I click to edit my attachment I do not see anything attached…

The file box has no file name listed, but the 3 links are there for adding the file.

And if I use any of the 3 links I can select a file and add it. The file name then appears with a close box to its left for deleting it.

I then click save, and the dialog closes.

If I now click to edit it again, the file is no longer listed.

I’m guessing that there is a file permission issue on my server??

I don’t know where the attachments are meant to be stored on the server.

What folder does the system put the files in? and what permissions should it have?

The attachments are stored in /var/attachments/product/[COLOR=“Red”]817[/COLOR]

where 817 is the product_id


I don’t have /var/attachments/

Should I create the directory my self… or do you think that uninstalling the add-on and reinstalling may fix this?

update… uninstalling and reinstalling the addon did not create the directory.

OK, adding the attachments folder into the var folder and setting 777 has done the job.

Can you tell me if this folder needs 777?

Try 755. If it works, you should be able to change all your directories to 755 and your files to 644 (instead of 666).


thanks. 755 is working… however the added attachments are 666… is there a setting somewhere I can adjust for the permission levels the system is setting?

See this post:


Changing the config.php will control new files and directories. You can run the other two commands to fix existing files and directories.