Assigning Featured Products to Index Page


After upgrading to 1.3x I’m having trouble assigning products to the main page as featured. I haven’t found the solution to the challenge in the manual – I know it was intuitive before but this newest version seems to have lost that but maybe I’m missing some files or something.

I know you can add a featured item to the categories through admin > manage categories > then defining the items through the bottom of the page. But I can’t find where the main page is managed.

I looked under admin > organize index page > but all I get when going there is a page with “welcome page” and no way to manipulate or edit the page.

Am I missing files? Where are the featured products defined for the index page?

Note to developers – it would be great to be able to define if or where the product is featured within the product info itself. admin > manage products > click on product > at this point there would be a button similar to the “Available”, “Download Product”, and “Enable shipping for downloadable products” – additionally it would say – “Featured Product” then maybe a pull-down with where you want the product featured – i.e., index, then a listing of the available categories.



You can add Featured Products under the Look and Feel menu, click on Organize Index Page and scroll down to the bottom, if its not there then something is missing.

I think I’m missing something with a file – I’ll check the demo and see what the difference is but thanks for the response.


After looking at the demo – there is something amiss with my admin/look/feel section. I’ll have to re-upload the admin files. More than likely something was courrupted when I uploaded the files for the upgrade.