Assign currency to language some simple manual way not by ip geolocation

Hi,we would need to be able to assign specific currency to selected language.I know there are some geolocation addons available,but would be so difficult to enable,if customer select language that it automaticaly switch to local currency.We would need urgently at least just for one language Czech and switch to currency CZK.Thanks advance for any advice or tip how to tweak it.

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May be the following solution can help you

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Hello,thanks for tip,I know,but I wanted some simple and cheaper option.Maybe you can consider to make some plugin for this,that would be great.

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Unfortunately, we do not have any ready-to-use solutions for your task

The plugin from softsolid is not working the way that it would switch currency together with language.I made simple solution and added instead of language switch block just flag icons and assigned to images url to switch language and currency together.Only one problem,it drive visitor to homepage if they are for example at some product url.But still probably better than nothing.

Could I kindly ask for some help.I would need to get current URL and assign it to flag icon,so if visitor is for example at some product URL,that when he clicks to change language/currency and stay at current url and is not forwarded to homepage.Is it necessary use javascript or is possible to arrange it with HTML ? I tried javascript and use window.location.href but somehow it does not work as I would like.Thank you a lot for any advise.

If you change language on the product page, it should not redirect you to the home page. Just checked it on the clean installation. Please make sure that the fn_url function is used for all links in your block

Hello,you do not understand me.I do not use default switch language block,I just made own html block with two images/icons for two languages we use and assigned them url like ?sl=en for English and ?sl=cs&currency=CZK and so if customer click in Czech flag,it will change language together with currency.But I need to assign to image/icon link current URL variable.The way I did it,it redirect visitor to store homepage.What would be easiest way to do this in html/smarty block ? Do I need to arrange this with javascript or is there some other way how to get current url and use it for Flag/icon url ?

For example, in the Smarty block you can use

<a href="{$config.current_url|fn_link_attach:'sl=cs'|fn_link_attach:'currency=CZK'}">flag</a>

Many thanks,I appreciate your help.I did know know that I can use variables in smarty block,that´s great.