Asking For Consent - Age Verification For Categories And Or Products

Has anyone attempted to create an addon or mod that allows the store admin to setup a kind of age verification / consent to view one particular or a group / category of products ?

You can do it by product per the docs ( I don't know if it applies to categories too.

I do not know what type of verification it uses other than maybe having the user either be registered and have a birthday set or whether it prompts for birthdate. Suggest you install and experiment on a test site or try it at

Yes, it also works on the category page.

It does seem not to work / co-exist with Searchanise. I guess why is related to the settings

Then I'd report that to bugtracker since both addons are part of cs-cart development. One should not break the other. If they are incompatible, they should generate a conflict.

Thanks Tony, will post one in the Bugtracker later today.