Are there any CS-Cart wholesale websites?

I would be highly interested to see how other wholesale companies have used CS-Cart to build a wholesale website.

Are there any such websites?

What special features and addons are useful to use for a wholesale website?

i know one in India - shopclues. com

most are dual - wholesale and retail. When user X logs in and they are member of the wholesale group, they see what wholesalers see. If not in the wholesale group, they see what retail customers see. Prices, blocks, whole products/categories and different content pages can be shown based on user group.

For Wholesale:

I am setting up my shop by hiding add to cart and price in the admin for non-logged in users. And then I elect in admin to approve all new users. Different user groups also works, but I only need 1 user group…wholesale.

Good Luck.

I have added this suggestion to uservoice:

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I have added this suggestion to uservoice: http://cscart.uservo…b-functionality


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