Are "features" No Longer Exporting In Data Feeds In Cs4?

I just now realized that some of my data feeds were not live. When I started looking closer I realized that any of the things I created as a “feature” in order to satisfy The Find,, Pricegrabber, Pronto and others simply is not showing up in the export file. So basically, since CS-cart did not have an ISBN we made this a hidden feature and then we could use it to export and match things up on shopping comparison sites. I even created an actual data feed that I was using to upload to Google instead of using the “Google Export” tat was in CS2.2.5.

Well, now we are using CS4.1.? and it does not appear to be exporting any of the features anymore. Has anyone else found this to be true? We are actually having the same issue on 2 different sites.

I’ve tried to search for this in the bug report but I could not seem to find this. Sadly it sometimes seems very difficult to find things on the forums.

Does anyone who is using version 4 do any “Data Feeds” at all?

We opened up the .csv file that is being sent to the shopping comparison sites. Without a doubt CS4.1.2 is not exporting any of the information we have created in the “Features” area. Have created a bug tracker here…