"Approved" page after card is approved?

So I am testing the cart as a guest and I notice that after the card is approved (through 2checkout) it takes the customer to a blank “login” page. This confuses customers (and myself) as you are not notified that the order went through (other than email). My other cart took the customer to a landing page that shows the order details and lets the customer know that the order was approved. And every order I have placed online in the last 10 years has done this. Is there such thing as a page that says something like “your order has been approved” or something that at least lets the guest customer know that the order is complete? If the customer creates and account does this work differently? Seems like a really poor checkout design to me as it sits…but I think we all know that the checkout process with CS could definitely be better. Maybe I’m just missing something?

No one? Don’t your customers get confused on if their order went through? I am just dumbfounded that the cart just defaults to the log-in page after payment is approved with no explanation of their order status.

I’m not sure if it’s changed from 2.0.8 to 2.0.11 but my customers do not see the log in page when they come back to my store. I am using PayPal Standard and Authorize.net. When paying by credit card through Authorize.net, the customer does not leave my site and they arrive at the order history screen to see a copy of their order when they’re finished.

Now, they do leave my site to pay by PayPal but they can come back at the end by clicking a link to return to my site. I believe they are sent to the order history screen again which allows them to print the order at that time.

I’m pretty sure that I did this as a “guest” customer and that’s how it worked for me. I’ll check it again, though, if you want and double check my results.

Well 2checkout works similar to PayPal as the customer leaves my site and goes to the 2CO site where they put in their CC information. Once they hit the process button it takes them back to my site but just goes to a blank log in page which I think will be very confusing for my customers.

I don’t know 2CO but in PayPal you can set a redirection URL.

Yeah, PayPal seems to work properly during testing but with 2CO it just goes to that blank log in page. In the payment area in the configure setting for 2CO it gives me a link to put in on 2checkout.com’s backend. I did that so not sure what it isn’t working. Hmmm…at least PayPal works properly.

Ok, figured it out. In the CS backend it says I should use the return link http://www… but since I am using SSL I changed the return link to start with https:// and it works properly now.