Apple Pay not working via Stripe

I should note I’m using the Stripe payment 1.0 add-on in case that makes a difference.

So both Credit Card payments and Google Payments seem to work fine via Stripe but Apple Pay is a no go. It is enabled on Stripe and my domain has been verified. But the transactions never show up on Stripe as it isn’t any where in the logs. On the device, it checks out as it should, get the checkmark from Apple saying the transaction is good to go after doing the double tap (or fingerprint verification on an older device I have). But then instantly CS tells the customer via a notification “Error Your order has been declined by the Payment processor. Please review your information and contact store administrator.” Is seems that the transaction isn’t even attempted to be processed so CS throws up that error. Again, this transaction is not logged within CS nor on Stripe so there is no record of it ever happening (not uncaptured or failed). I went through and deleted the payment method and set up a second time just to make sure I didn’t past the keys wrong but that didn’t change the results.

Anything obvious I could be overlooking?

At first try to check orders with the Incomplete status. They should contain the Payment information column on the order details page. It can contain error details

That’s the issue…there are no incomplete orders to view. It doesn’t even try to process Apple Pay…just gives the error.

This device not accepted is the error message I see and my apple Pay transactions dont go through


In case you are using Multi-Vendor with version older than 4.15.1, sometimes when paying with a card with 3-D Secure enabled, money was debited and the order was not created. This issue was fixed in version 4.15.1, so you may need to upgrade your installation to this version to fix this issue.

I am not using multi vendor and I am using version 17.1

I’m afraid, I don’t know then. Please contact us via Help Desk on this case.

Update on this as of today as I figured I’d play around since one of my other problems seemed to just start working out of the blue. But now when using Google Pay it states “transaction canceled by customer” and order goes through as incomplete (it worked a month ago). And if I’m on an Apple device it states “Apple Pay not supported on this device” just like if I’m using it on a non-Apple device.

I just keep jumping through hoops trying to allow my customers the option of Google Pay or Apple Pay and am constantly stopped due to some issue.