Apple Pay (Cs-Cart Stripe) And Customer Account


I recently set up Apple Pay through the default CS-Cart Stripe add-on in 4.11.4.

I took an order this morning, and noticed the customer name, address and phone number did not populate, only city and zip code.

i also just placed an order myself using Apple Pay and made sure the full shipping address was sent to cs-cart, Cs-Cart ignored the street address and only puts city state and zip on order, no customer name either, it needs to link these profile fields properly with Apple Pay output, horrible bug!

Please help!

Also, I noticed if you already have a customer account with that email address it won’t let u buy with Apple Pay off the product page. Perhaps I have an incorrect setting if anyone can share their experience.


Please copy this post to the bug tracker

Please copy this post to the bug tracker

Done, but they don’t seem as responsive to the bug reports any more they tell everyone to open a ticket.