Append To Addon Template

Hey guys,

My business requires the bullk generation of gift certificates and I was hoping to hook into the gift certificates addon, so that the user could enter the number of certificates they require...

I am running 4.9.3 (yep, upgrading soon!)..

However, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of hooks available there in either the PHP or addon templates.

What are your tips and trick for extending addons that don't provide this ability? Is it going to just be easier to write a completely separate addon? I need a solution that will survive upgrades.



Please clarify the required functionality in more details

Hi - thanks.

So we advertise products with a local TV show who are giving away 90 gift vouchers across the next 6 months.

What I want to do is extend the gift certificates addon to have the ability to generate multiple certificates using the all the details (from, to, message).

Upon completion, it would be ideal for us if it could then generate a PDF with all the gift vouchers ready for printing.

But of course, I can't see anywhere in the gift certificates addon that will allow me to hook into it to allow this functionality.

Does that make sense?