App Vs Theme

we are planing to do some investment in our website

but before we like to know what you think about our idea

we have the cs cart apps and cs cart themes provided from third developers

The applications with 1 year subscriptions are over 1000 $

a great theme its around 200 usd

webview apps are around 25 usd

Solution 1 - theme + webview app = 250 usd

Solution 2 - applications 1000 usd

what do you think whats best and why

till now we think best is solution 1

1. less investment

2. great design for desktop visitors

3. great design for mobile visitors

4. all addons work with the themes

5. easy to make changes and costumisations

more to come.......



Thanks stasok for sharing with us your words.

the addon you suggest removes to much , with that addon the pages loks like we are in the 80's.

we have used only css "Bright Responsive Theme" and some smarty tpl to adapt our store to mobile, and for us it looks better than any theme we have checked in the marketplace.

we are not interested in desktop design, only mobile.

in desktop is everything is easy for every user no mater what theme you use....,

but mobile there is a bit complicated because of the little screen.
our visitors are over 96% from mobile.

we still think that its better to have a mobile optimised store and a webview for app.

we only need to make once changes and it is adapted to andoid and iOS.

we just have released our webview apps

please check and share your thoughts

we are still working to adapt it more

iOS - AppStore

Android - PlayStore

Its only webview

Its only webview

yes it is, but our users are ok with that.

one click to open the store, easy navigation. easy check on orders and soo one.

for the moment the native app costs to much for us.

My offer is cs-cart’s native apps.