Api Table References Diagram


Hi all,[/color][color=#666666]

I have created a diagram that shows how the API Tables reference each other.[/color][color=#666666]

This is an “unofficial” diagram.

I would say its 95%+ accurate, so there maybe a couple of errors.

Tables and Fields are based on Infusionsoft Table documentation.

Text/String fields are set to TEXT type, as the limits are unknown.

I will provide the files and SQL output later. Need to see what other tweaks are needed.

Making this diagram has revealed additional things that could aid developers, which will be explained in a later date.

Ticket tables are not included, as the module is deprecated from Infusionsoft.[/color][color=#666666]

Click on the image or the link below to enlarge it. It is quite large at 4795 × 5149 pixels![/color][color=#666666]

View API Table References Diagram[/color][color=#666666]


Table Relationships[/color][color=#666666]

List of the table relationships are also present on the diagram on the bottom left of the picture.[/color][color=#666666]


Affiliate.ContactId > Contact.Id

Affiliate.ParentId > Affiliate.Id[/color][color=#666666]

Referral.ContactId > Contact.Id

Referral.AffiliateId > Affiliate.Id[/color][color=#666666]


Company.CompanyID > Company.Id

Company.LeadSourceId > LeadSource.Id

Company.OwnerID > User.Id[/color][color=#666666]


Contact.CreatedBy > User.Id

Contact.LeadSourceId > LeadSource.Id

Contact.OwnerID > User.Id[/color][color=#666666]

Expense.ContactId > Contact.Id[/color][color=#666666]

FileBox.ContactId > Contact.Id[/color][color=#666666]

Contact Action[/color][color=#666666]

ContactAction.ContactId > Contact.Id[/color][color=#666666]

Credit Card[/color]