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We are working on a point of sale to work with CS Cart 4.x. It will primarily use UPC to look up products, but sometimes there will be a situation where there is not a UPC and we need to search by words. Here is what I have found with the API in 4.3.6...

My product name is "Dark Storm DS9 Typhoon Standard 9mm Rifle Blk"

If I search: /api.php?_d=products&q=typhoon%standard

It will return the product I am looking for and a few others.

BUT, if I search for: /api.php?_d=products&q=standard%typhoon

It will not return the result I want because the words are not in order. The match must be exact and in order.

So I tired to search: /api.php?_d=products&q=typhoon&q=standard, but now I get EVERY product that has EITHER work.

Any suggestions to get it to search for both words (or sometimes could be 3 or 4 or 5 words) but without regard to order?

Not sure if the parameter will be processed by the API, but please try to add match=all parameter. E.g.


Negative. Did not work.


Try to add

$params['match'] = $this->safeGet($params, 'match', 'all');

after this line:

$params['features_display_on'] = 'A';


Hm.. Just tested first solution on mu local installation and it works correctly. Test on demo data


0 product found


1 product found

In product API how I can get thumbnails of products

Try to add &get_additional=true to the request URL

Please help, How we can get only active vendor products in Product API

Now I am getting all vendor products if they are disabled.

function fn_get_products

try to add &status=A to the URL

It is not working


Try &status[]=A