anyone using Clickdensity?

Am interested in using the clickdensity service and was wondering if anyone is already using it? Or is there limitations with cscart?

Their site can be found here



Well, I just made a trial account that I’ll use this month. The installation of the script seems pretty easy as you’ll just have to paste it in the index.tpl for your skin. I’m testing it on my frontpage to start with, and I’ll see what’ll happen later as time go by.

It seems like a great consept that might give me some statistics about user behaviour. This is something most analytics solutions won’t be able to do, so I hope this will be able to help me out in making my store even more userfriendly.

I’ll make updates later in the months when I have something more to work with.

I’ve used it two weeks so far, and this is definately somthing I’ll keep using. So far ClickDensity has made me do some changes on my store after some minor discoveries about where peolple clicks. There’s a lot of data about where people are clicking on the site, and I believe this to be a pretty good solution do pick up the info about what people do on your store.


so I tried getting this live but cannot - can you advise where you added their code?

I added mine to the skins/myskin/customer/top.tpl using sw_login as the key element, but I can only get report info for one day… :confused:

many thanks

I added it to the bottom.tpl as the code should be inserted right before if I remember correctly.

But beware; this code is not SSL-“compatible”, and will breake the SSL. You probably should make some modifications to make it compatible.