Anyone use

Are the reliable?

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Are the reliable? [color=#3B5998][/color]


Also I am looking for a VPS.

I use them but not for shopping cart sites. Too many restrictions to sort out on setting up for my liking. Although I do think it depends on the type of account, a VPS should be fine and I've never had any issues with my business acount I have over 20 wordpress sites on it.

I run my sites on Hostgator VPS's. Generally very reliable and support is quick and complete. Last upgrade/data-center move was a bit rocky, but outside of that all has been fine.

hostgator is amazing.

hostgator is in my city and i chose it. i have vps level 3. could not make cs-cart 2.4 on the vps fast enough to like it. Can only say it is better than newegg vps's.

It is reliable and helpdesk is on the phone w/in seconds to resolve any kind of problem.

Unfortunatelly the cpu on my vps is indicated being overloaded and i need HW upgrade. Also i plan installing cs-cart 4, designing new look and getting started e-store ad thru search engines.

Since it should increase the load, i am going to test 2 or 3 other vps hostings - hostgator is too expensive on upgrades. The others look way cheaper even with SSD cashing. I thing SSD cach should help a lot to the cart application due to its modesty size.

I will share my comparisons here when this research is done.

I’m in the process of switching.

It’s not that the company is bad but they are very limited on support if not the rumor that employees have to handle multiple tickets during an online chat seems to hold true. Even though they do answer you, average ticket once online has taken 20-25 minutes. I really don’t have that kind of time. I would phone them but the cell reception is so spotty that I can only email or chat online.

But mainly for the price and comparing many hosts including WiredTree (which seems to be very popular with other hosting forums) it seems as though I could get better hardware configuration and backbone. HostGator doesn’t seem to tell you in details what you exactly get (haven’t asked honestly) and lately my site has been slow in connecting with level 3 VPS ($50/month).

Of course talking to other IT professionals they all laughed that never get HostGator and the cost was one big thing that stuck out. Now this is with two small businesses running two sites under one VPS account so it shouldn’t be slow. Overall site speed scores high B’s to low A’s with a lot of things optimized but even then the connection always seem to lag under admin panel on dedicated line which I’m not thrilled about.

And also once in a blue moon the site would just crash. This happened three times in the last three years where one year back in 2009 I lost all my data. It was so bad that they couldn’t even recover from their end as supposedly there was a virus infecting the entire drive. Had to do a rebuilt from scratch which is partly my fault also as I didn’t have a local backup.

In either case I have nothing against HostGator but do feel there’s much better service out there for the money. I forget other companies aside from WiredTree but just comparing the hardware and what they offer you may want to do more research.

I’ll post a new topic once my server is migrated :)

Well I made the move to WiredTree. I'll post up reviews once everything is said and done. Their support has been phenomenal including automated data transfer. This is because of the cPanel compatibility and they can package & move everything for you. Two CS-Cart account with full data intact, no problem so far and ping went down to low 40's from high 110ms with HostGator.

And $44/month for hardware that's much better than what HG offers.

WiredTree perks: Double the RAM, Triple the disk space and bandwidth increase by eight fold and $5/month cheaper. You can't get any better than that.