Anyone use A2 Hosting?

I am looking to try A2 Hosting and wanted to know if anyone has used them or would you recomed someone else. I would like a reliable and fast server but since they are reccomended by Cs-Cart i would like your comments. Thanks;)

I put an auction site on A2 Hosting. Their basic plans works fine, but you don’t get the apache module deflate. This just means you content isn’t compressed. They do have a 30 day money back guarantee. I would give it 4 stars out of 5.

I was going to use them, but they didn’t have a good custumer service, at least not with me, didn’t reply to my questions in time, so, I went with Siteground instead.

A2 Hosting was in my final two companies along with CyberLNC. I ultimately went with CyberLNC because they were active on the CS-Cart community forums, small company which sometimes means better more friendly service (true for the most part), and they were familiar with CS-Cart optimizations.

Hope the helps.


I don’t know any clients on A2 nor have I heard any experiences from clients


I have been with A2 Hosting for the past month or so since purchasing CS-Cart and I will change before I go live. Main reason - lack of response at times and I have been told that I can not use a utility that will speed-up my site.

I have had no bad experiences I am just accustomed to fast response from my host, my live site (ASP/IIS) is hosted with CrystalTech for 6 years and they have been great with support but there are many limitations on IIS with web hosts which is one of the reasons for changing software.

I have been reading the forum about other hosts and will be contacting several including my current host although I would prefer one that is familiar with CS-Cart.