Anyone Running On Apache Or Xampp?

Just wondering if you were able to get this up and going. Seem's to work fine for me the first time, until I restart the servers then I get the dreaded “Service Unavailable” in the big red box.

Also, how are your speeds when connected to the actual site from an outside connection? What speed connection are ya on? Thanks!

Xampp? On windows?

cs-cart is real hungry for resources, running of PC is no good…

please check this

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WSA team

PC just testing right now. I will probably run on a Lenovo ThinkServer TS440 Xeon 1245. Windows Xampp.

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please check this

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WSA team


Not sure what I am looking for? =)

If I do it internally, then I can get to it just fine. I set it up for one for a forums, works fine via outside, but not the cs-cart.

Just check your windows logs.

Running under windows is not supported. Not recommended. And not for the sane of mind.

i use xamp and didn't have any issues with with cs cart… if you are imprting large data then increase execution time and nemroy in the php.ini otherwise works fine

tested on standard toshiba dual core pentium 2gb ram