Anyone Post Their Ebay Feedback On Thier Website To Build Trust?

I came across a website where the seller posted his eBay feedback ratings in order to build trust. “5 Star rating, based on 500 ratings,” type stuff. I really need to get my website going and I have over 3,000 feedback’s over there. See the screen shot to see how he did it. Seems like it might help to me.

Has anybody else ever thought of doing this? Thoughts?


Do you mean add a link to your ebay feedback page?

I just attached a snippet of how he did it on his website. I guess it's more like a reference and if somebody ever asked, he could send them the eBay link.

I'm finding it near impossible to drive traffic to the website even though its cheaper than ebay.

Every ebay order goes out with a reference to the website but no luck.

I'll try adding the image to the front page but I don't think it will help to be honest.

I'm able to drive a little bit of business to my site from eBay customers by sending a business card with a coupon code, but it's not much. Soon, I'm going to export my sales history from Paypal, which contains my customers emails and try some marketing that way.