Anyone likes product titles this way?

Anyone likes product titles this way?

[quote name=‘TexasGuy’]Anyone likes product titles this way?


It looks good to me… the titles are descriptive and the resulting product detail pages should be good for SEO.

Why do you ask?

We were here kind of arguing pros and cons of the product title position, is better as the original placement or as seen on the picture?!?

BTW: The above example is taken from a sample product DB that comes with the cart. We were just debating if moving the tile over would make it better or worse design wise…

You are way in the weeds. Your customers and/or search engines will not care. Just make the product titles pertinent and clear. But since you asked, I like it the original way better.


^ agree with Triplets

^ agree with interfaceFactory

^ I agree to disagree :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

^ I don’t agree to disagree.

  1. Do not believe what other people tell you.
  2. You all have been a great help, I thank you all.