Anyone having problem with signing into your account

I have been having issues with the admin log in and after the launch the customers are complaining about the customer log in issues

This is what typically happens

  1. customer log in and add product to cart

    2.then browses other products and while adding, they have to sign in again
  2. and again same thing repeats.

    4.after adding all products with much difficulty when they checkout, again they are asked to log in again.
  3. after logging in, the products in the cart are not there anymore.

    6.they have to add the products again, and step 1,2, and three repeats over and over again.
  4. after finally adding the products with much difficulty, steps 4,5,6&7 repeats over and over again.

    Please help

    What is causing this annoying problem


Tried the same thing with a test user on our store and was unable to re create the same thing.

Thank you so much for your response.

Do you think is some problem in the way it is installed and configured, would reinstalling and redoing the whole thing solve the issue.

If you can please test on this site

Possible that the user does not have cookies enabled. hence, the session_id can’t be retireved which is where the cart contents are held.

Thank you so much for your response… it seems to work fine for now