Anyone have a fresh copy of 2.0.7?

Please pm me if you do. :cool:

I think I do somewhere, I’ll find it and email it over, I"m playing in the snow right now so you’ll have to give me a few hours - Sno

If sno becomes a snowman or gets plowed into a snow bank, ask the developers through the help desk.

I already have a ticket in.

We were playing in the snow too. After pulling my little ones around on the sled I am so tired I probably won’t be able to worry about it tonight!! :wink:

Also, I think I may end up using Navicat to compare my old database to a fresh install of 2.0.12 so I may not need it after all.

I have 2.07 but it’s a pretty big file at 18+mb, CS can provide you the download link. What are you trying to do?


My 2.0.7 store won’t go past the first step of the upgrade. I opened a ticket with support and wasted 10 credits hoping I’d get some help before the weekend, but all I got was a confirmation that it wasn’t upgrading and I needed to try again. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I read somewhere on here about taking a fresh copy and upgrading from it which is why I was looking for 2.0.7.

I have 2.0.12 installed now and I am going to use Navicat and winmerge to indentify my changes and I’ll see if that works. It will be an adventure. :smiley: