Anyone Get Facebook Messenger Beta To Work?

Instructions are pretty simple but can't get it to work on my site. Anyone see anything that could be causing issues?

Install the plugin
Simply paste the code snippet below into your website code. We recommend placing the code after the opening tag on pages where you want the plugin to appear.


What's the mistake?

Maybe try close javascript code with {literal} {/literal}

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Okay, got it to work. Seems I needed to have my website whitelisted in the settings. But oddly now it shows up as non-English (Korean maybe) even though English was the selected language. It's always something.


Please enter the URL where it appears.

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Well got the language thing sorted. Had an old FB Messenger add-on that was defaulted to a different language. Disabling that fixed the issue as the code works as it should. My only issue now is it seems that it is disabled on mobile which is a shame since so much traffic is mobile these days.