Anyone else having issues with product file and preview file getting mixed up?

I had this problem in 2.0.7, upgraded to 2.0.12 and I still have the same problem…

  1. I upload a product file only and all is fine.
  2. I add a preview file and now the customer can only download the preview file in their My Account area.
  3. I re-upload the product file and the customer can now download the correct file in their My Account area. However, now the full product file shows under the Files tab on the product page… free for anyone to download without paying!

    I posted a bug report, but wondering if others encountered it as well?


okay, if no one else is experiencing this, I think it may be due to the filenames being the same. The sample files and preview files happen to have the same names and the system must be uploading them to the same location.

edit: I did confirm that it works if the file names are different. However, I discovered that the preview file on the product page is linked with the product file name and has the file size for the product listed.