Any way to set a group option across all items in a category?

I sell decals, and I have hundreds of designs. they are available in multiple colors.
I have created a “color option” group, and tied it to a product. It works great.
How can I tie it to ALL products in a specific category?
When I try to edit multiple in the products list (filtering by cat), of all the items available, groups are not.
Is there a way to do this without going into each product one by one?

I don’t recall there is such functionality. The assumption there is that options should be created first, and then products, not the other way around. @CS-Cart_team am I right?
You may need some custom development to mass-add options to products.

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You can use import functionality to do it

Thanks everyone.
Actually it IS possible.
Go to Options > select the option > add products > search by whatever you want, I did category > select all > add products > apply

I did this to 800 items in my store in about 10 mins. Worked GREAT.


Hi @bastosdesign, I don’t seem to have the “add products” feature under the particular option in my instalation (multivendor ultimate), do you have a add-on providing this functionality?


thanks @bastosdesign, not the first time I have missed the selections that become available when you select a list item (thus activating the “Actions” menu in your screen print).

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Same! I miss them all the time

@CS-Cart_team maybe the menu that activates when an item is selected could be in watermark format (thus serving as a visual prompt) prior to a item being selected?

Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the idea. What should it look like?

@CS-Cart_team Please forgive my shonky mock-up but hopefully you get the idea …

In a number of lists (in this case the list of Options for the marketplace) the action menu isn’t shown (see 1) until you activate it (see 2) so I am suggesting that a watermarked or greyed out menu could act as a prompt (see 3).

This solution could alos be applied to other similar lists, prompting the operator that if they select a item (or some items) off the list there are some actions they will be able to perform actions


Thanks for clarifying!

I agree, it’s a nice idea and I’ve put it to the product managers. I hope one day it will be included in one of the new versions :slight_smile: