Any Php 5.6.x Issues?

We're currently running 4.3.3 and our Host has offered to upgrade our PHP from 5.5.x to 5.6.x. I know 5.6.x is the recommended PHP version for 4.3.3 but I just wanted to be certain before proceeding. Have you found any issues with PHP v.5.6.x and your 4.3.x store or addons (default/commercial)? Any feedback is appreciated :-)

Yeah, make sure that the 'fileinfo' class is enabled. It wasn't on one of my client sites and the way cs-cart works, it caused resized thumbnails to go from an original file size of maybe 300K to a whopping 5MB (and if it was 3MB original file, the thumbnail file ended up 18MB). There is no warning and there are no errors (for jpg files anyway). It assumes that if the file type can't be determined that it must be png. But if it' really is jpg, then you get this silent problem.

In php 5.6, the mime_content_type() function is fully deprecated (doens't exist). So the "fallback" for fileinfo not being available doesn't exist and then it just blindly assumes a image/png file type..

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