Any Mod to Rotate Featured Products? Anyone Want One?

We’ve got a Featured Products block in the sidebar. We want to specify maybe 20 products in the block, but only have 4 or 5 of them displayed in the sidebar at a time, either randomly choosing or rotating through them as they are displayed to the user on various pages. Ideally, it would also have the option to only select from products that match the category the user is currently in, especially if there were a lot more than 20 products featured. As I understand it, currently, you select products and it always displays ALL the products you select no matter where you are looking at it. Seems like a very limited feature. I would be surprised if there isn’t an add-on or mod that makes it more intelligent? If not. We may code one and offer it to others but we are just getting up to speed on CS-Cart so if someone else wants to volunteer to code it, we’d be willing to make a donation. If it doesn’t exist can someone recommend someone who could make it fairly quick at little cost?

Try this: