Any interest in MailChimp integration

If there is enough interest, I’d be willing to step up and write an integration for MailChimp Email Marketing.

I would guess an addon would be priced at about $40-$60USD depending on the final requirements and interest level.

Basically I try to compute how many hours it will take to do a project, multiply it by an hourly rate and then divide by 10. This means that I’d need 10 people minimum just to break even. So that’s how I do my pricing. The more complex the product, the higher the price. So if it took 8 hours to develop, then it would be $40, if it took 12, it would be $60.

If you are interested, please respond and specify your requirements. I will pull these requirements into a single document and provide a link in this thread so that there will be one repository for all requirements. I’ll make the judgment call on disputed or conflicting requirements or for those that simply add a lot of cost but not a lot of value.

I need this!


First of would you mind explaining what sort of integration/features you already have in mind for this addon please?



I Would pay this no problem.


Yes, I would interested also.

Would like to know more about how it would work.

@AleksB - I haven’t looked into it too deeply but I would probably limit this to the List Managment portion of their API. I.e. when an order is placed or a customer is added, mailchimp would be updated with the current info.

Of course, the deviil is always in the details. I don’t know yet how mailchimp handles duplicates (auto-update or generate an errror), etc. There are many other unknowns at this time too. If people wanted to replace the cs-cart newsletter functionality with the full mailchimp API then that’s a whole different animal (but doable).

I would like this based on requirements. Not just “I would like this” because I’ve learned over the years that one person’s interpetation of a description can be vastly diffrerent from another’s.

So if people could express what they want as requirements, we can starrt nailing down exactly what it would be.

I took a look at the mailchimp API. Based on what I saw, I started a requirements document located at [url][/url].

So far, 3 people have expressed interest. Not enough to motivate me to do the work yet…

I would like to beta test with the 2 people who provide the most feedback and specifications related to the project. They have the advantage of providing feedback on what they perfer beyond the basic functionality.

Let me know if there are any additions or needs not covered by the requirements.

I am interested and I would be interested in Beta. I would like to see some similar funcationality that BigCommerce has with MailChimp.

Look at Feature #4 (




Look at Feature #4 (…-features.php).


Not sure what mailchimp needs for this. There is tracking code provided by mailchimp that can be applied to a site and this can easily be added by each store or programatically controlled. However, I have no idea at this point what they do with that tracking info and how it’s made available to the mailchimp software. Remember, this is an integration.

There is an API call to mailchimp that allows one to send order info to mailchimp. However, this has to be tied to a specific campaign identifier.

This could be an additional feature after the first release. I’m a believer in one step at a time.

I am interested.

I am interested too.

Quick update… Coding and basic testing is complete. Need to write the documentation and build it into an addon (couple of days).

I need 2 beta testers whom I’m willing to give 50% discount at the end of testing. Purchase price is looking like $59.99 (should be more considering the investment but want to make it accessible for people too).

Beta tester 1: Experienced with mailChimp and will use full features of the addon (even if lists are limited).

Beta tester 2: Same as #1 with addition of multiple languages or localizations. The addon has about 20 language variables but will all be copied to installed languages but with English values.

Testing should take about a week I’d guess so testers can generate a campaign using the Ecomm list segmentation.

Please send me an email at XXsupportXX@XXez-ms.comXX (without the X’s).


Hey, just noticed this topic, am def. interested!

Won’t be much of a beta tester though since we are just starting.

Sign me up!

[QUOTE]Won’t be much of a beta tester though since we are just starting.[/QUOTE]

Whattaya mean, perfect timing for an email marketing campaign launch!

(As long as you can get your hands on some email addresses that is) :wink:

The vast majority of this addon is related to order activity and categories or purchase along with the products purchased. So an active site would be needed for testing.

The resuling product will be good for any size merchant (or age in history), but for beta testing, I really need someone who can put it through it’s paces and ensure it is stable and reliable.

I can test it - just sent you an email. :slight_smile:

Hey, check this … [url][/url]

You should mail them for a $1000 sposoring to make this addon!

[quote name=‘Flow’]Hey, check this … [url][/url]

You should mail them for a $1000 sposoring to make this addon![/QUOTE]

:mrgreen: I <3 Mailchimp: