Anti-Bot Validation


Is anyone else having issues with the anti-bot validation?

Randomly this morning, anyone logging into the front end gets " Error Sorry, the anti-bot validation has failed. Please try again."

I have tried myself, and even if I type the incorrect password intentionally, it still says this instead of password incorrect. Nothing has been installed/changed/modified on the website, which makes me think it could be a Google issue?

When I click the box for validation, it does show the green tick suggesting it is happy I’m not a bot but still fails. It also doesn’t show a failed login attempt in the admin panel. I’ve disabled the reCAPTCHA for login forms temporarily so customers can login but this isn’t ideal of course.

We’ve also noticed PDFs are not being generated when we click on “Print invoice (PDF)” or “Print dispatch note (PDF)”. Is CS-Cart causing this issue? We are having to print the invoice then select the “save as PDF” option as the printer as a workaround

We are now unable to take any payments, it keeps saying “Transaction was canceled by the customer”. This also happens if a customer tries to place the order online. Is this is a CS-Cart issue? It’s strange we are having so many issues all of a sudden linked to the website.

We had that issue a couple years ago and it was because our host blocked CS-Cart IP address.

Was that your hosting provider who blocked it?

Do you remember any of the CS-Cart IP’s that they blocked, as I’m trying to resolve this asap

Thank you

Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?
The hosting provider has said they can’t see any network issues.

Try to regenerate recaptcha keys and make some tests with new keys

But that shouldn’t affect PDF generations or connecting to payment gateways?

These could be different problems

Thanks for the advice, it works after generating other recaptcha keys.

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The issues I was having seemed to have resolved themself after 4 days, couldn’t work out what started the issue or fixed it as I didn’t change or modify anything, neither did my hosting provider

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