Another First!!!

Periodically I’m amazed at what can happen or in this case what did not happen. Not just with CS Cart but everything else as well.

This does, however, have to do with CS Cart.

So we had a customer process an order successfully. I say successfully in the sense that their credit card was approved and we were paid.

However they somehow got their order through without entering any billing or shipping information. Zero, nadda, zip, I mean blank.

The only thing I can figure out how this may have happened is that they had filled out the application for an account/membership and that somehow was sufficient as far as the cart was concerned. Now mind you that I did not activate their account/membership for a couple of days after this order was placed.(weekend and I’m not at the office on weekends)


Confused as usual.


I also think that shipping address should be required to be not blank if shipping is enabled for any of the ordered products. If it is, then a message should be displayed saying so. If none of the products in the cart have shipping enabled, then shipping address is not required.