Another 4Sprung Review

If you are looking for a go to team for your CS Cart, here is my experience.

On my initial hunt for a company to employ for my CS Cart needs I was a little shocked at some of the quotes I was getting back not mention that this type of work is generally outsourced a process I had little faith in. After several false starts with other company’s I went with 4Sprung, from a cost point of view I found them by far the most transparent and competitive in valued service for money. In the beginning not being a developer programmer myself, I had friend who is check the coding for me to see if there was any issue and it checked out fine.

So you know my company Liquamax Pty Ltd use two CS-Carts both custom designed and implemented by 4Sprung. These carts have been up and running for over 5 years and are the core income generator for our business. As we modify and update our carts with add-ons etc, I have had a close working relationship with the 4Sprung team and their manager Steve over long period. They have in depth knowledge and experience with CS-Cart and helped me build a powerful tool for my business.

I have come to know that there are always going to be issues with custom work done and on going maintenance is needed. The 4Sprung guys are more than ready and available to assist as any problem crops up. The key point for me is if I need something implemented or there is an issue I want to know how long it was going to take to rectify it. I always get a time frame on jobs and 99% of the time the issues are dealt within that time frame. The other 1% of cases they notify well in advance if the original time frame needs to be changed. So you know where you stand with 4Sprungs workflow and you are not left hanging.

Another key point for me is all communication with 4Sprung is with the their team in Sydney which is headed up by Steve. Whether I communicate via phone or email I am talking to them not an outsourced help desk. At one point I had an issue on a Saturday night, so I sent an email through not expecting it to be dealt with until Monday. 2 hours later they had sorted the problem out. How is that for service!


pm me if you have any questions