Animated Gif Images Are Static On Newly Uploaded Photos


As per title, I used to be able to upload animated gifs and they would show correctly when zoomed in or opened/previewed (thumbnails never did but that’s ok).

I just noticed that any new images I upload are no longer animated, even if I re-upload the same images that worked before.

Products with images which were uploaded a while ago still show the animated gif’s properly and they animate.

This can be seen here:

Product 1:
This is an old product that had its images uploaded over 6 or 8 months ago on an older version of CS Cart, as you can see the last images is a GIF and animates between two frames.

Product 2:
This is a new product and the animated GIF I uploaded does not animate (alternate between its 2 frames).
Secondly, when selecting it in the thumbnail view it goes large in the product detail page.

Tried the 4 different image viewers and a few settings without success.

No one else experience this?

Yes, my boss just emailled me about that this week - same for me.... did you ever figure out why? I assume it is something to do with the thumbnail conversion..

I assume it is something to do with the thumbnail conversion..

Yes, you are right. Looks like current php libraries which are used for thumbnails generation cannot create animated thumbnails