Anchor Name Attribute Not Working

Hello all,

I am trying to use the name attribute of the anchor tag to set up a table of contents and jump to different parts of the same page.

Whenever I try to set the name of the anchor tag the editor automatically deletes the name attribute when I save.

ex. -- a name="example" -- --/a--

Gets changed to just --a-- --/a--

Is there a way to make the editor leave links alone?

Are you using it in raw mode (I.e. html only)? If you are using it in WYSIWYG mode then it will strip it out.

Try to switch to another WYSIWYG editor

I did not know I could change the editor or go into raw mode. I did not know it was possible to change the editor or go into raw mode. Thanks

So after trying all the editors and raw html mode it still deletes the attribute as soon as I save. Is this a bug that other people are having or should I contact the help desk?

I downloaded eComLab's add-on for the full CKEditor where you can set flags on the page where you want to set up a target to. Upon saving the newly set flag gets deleted. Or I guess you could say it just never got saved?

Works for me on the demo store:

Works for me on the demo store:

Interesting. I wish I was so lucky :D

Thank you