Analytics "track e-commerce transactions" checkbox not recognized

1.3.5 -SP2

Google Analytics stop working for us on Nov. 5th. I just discovered that the code in tracker.tpl is not appearing in the cart pages.

The “include” in main.tpl should cause the code to appear -

{if $settings.Addons.google_analytics == “Y”}

{include file=“addons/google_analytics/tracker.tpl”}


It doesn’t insert the code even though we have the checkbox checked in Admin > Addons > Google Analytics.

I changed the code in main.tpl to include tracker.tpl unconditionally and the code now appears on the webpages. I’ll have to wait 24 hrs to see if Google is accumulating stats.

In the meantime – why doesn’t CS-Cart recognize that the checkbox is checked?

If it “just” stopped working, check that the code for google analytics is valid.

If you didn’t touch it and it’s “broke” my bet is that you are using an “old” version of the urchin code.