Amount paid using paypal not what invoice amount is

Hello All!

I had an order placed on my store that was paid using Paypal. The amount the customer paid was $1.25 which was substantially less then what the invoice was for.

This is the first time this has happened and it’d like to not have it happen again.

Can anybody offer any assistance as to what may have happened?


See this post - [url][/url].

Always check your Paypal payments before sending your orders.

I did some digging last night and was able to replicate the issue myself.

Does using another paypal product that doesn’t have a user leave your site to complete the payment process fix this?


I just had this happen to me today. The customer actually emailed me and told me that the amount that showed up for them on paypal was not the amount listed on my website.

I logged into PayPal and the Product price is different. It put the Shipping amount in the Handling field. The Sales Tax is even off.

Any ideas?


Well I did some math and I found my problem. CS-Cart adds Sales Tax to the order total when transferring the information to PayPal. I had setup PayPal long ago to charge sales tax so it charged sales tax again.

I turned off the taxes setting in PayPal and it solved my problems.

Still weird that CS-Cart puts the Shipping Amount in the Handling Fee area. They should look at that.