Amount Of Product Variant Images

I have 1 tee shirts that comes in 6 sizes and 70 colours, 360 products (with variants) for 1 tee shirt,

is there a way when searching in admin for the MAIN product to appear first in the long list.

and also

Does cs cart really have to bring in the variants colour image appended 6 times for each colour (per size) and add the numbers after the image so it creates 260 variant images on my server ?

this chews up valuable space doesnt it.

Bump. Are you still wasting gigabytes storing each variant’s image?

Yes…but it is what it is…I make sure they are all.optimised and have plenty of space.

I vaguely remember C’s doing something about it…but not sure

@CS-Cart_team Hi team. I did try searching but didn’t succeed finding any recommendations int he documentation. Would you share on the topic please?

Have you had a chance to read this? Can Images Folder Be Hosted On Amazon S3 - #11 by natewallis

I have no idea why the documentation has nothing about it…


I use Amazon CDN for my images toobut haven’t looked into anything else

In the Advanced search you can select the Catalog item in the Product type option, so only main variation will be displayed at the Search results page.

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This type of storage is hidden because it hasn’t been updated or tested in literally years. I strongly advise against using this feature on a production site as the results can be unpredictable.