Amount added in product view

I am working on a new store and there are only 10 items and each product has 4 options added as a global option. The options are additional cost if you add an option. In category view the price of the product is correct but when I click to product view, $1.50 is added to the price and no options have been chosen. $1.50 is the cost for 1 of the options. And if I click on the $.75 option it deducts it instead of adding it. I have cleared the cache and the options seem to be correct.

Any idea why this might be happening? The url is

It sounds like your options might be configured wrong. It sounds like its defaulting to the 1st option available, which is +$1.50… Try creating your 1st option as “Please Select an Option” … this way it defaults to that and doesn’t adjust the price… then if they select anything else it will affect the price.


I just noticed you use checkboxes for the options so disregard the selectbox thing. Try posting up what your option settings are so we can see if you set something wrong

Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll just recreate the options since there are only 10 products. It shouldn’t take too long. I’m going to check the database first to see if there’s something there that I can edit. It’s more interesting that way.

All fixed