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Still in progress, but let me know what you think. In IE, the left side is off by 1 pixel… any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!

Hi disneyana

?? Are you sure you dont mean 1/2 a pixel. ??

Just playing, looks very good and i dont see any problems in IE from here, but your CSS needs a little more work done on it.

Looks good.

[quote name=‘disneyana’]In IE, the left side is off by 1 pixel… any suggestions on how to fix this?[/QUOTE]Yes, you have an extra table data tag:



Looks lovely - nice to see a different design from the default.

I think you’d be better to take the bestsellers table away and place the data directly onto the background (eg a transparent table) like you have with the categories.

Nice work, please let us know when it’s finished.


Thanks for the nice comments guys…

zardos - what other css changes would you suggest? Feel free to PM me

Larry - you freaking ROCK! I just looked at that one too many times, but was always checking the wrong template. Fixed now.

Simon - thanks for the tip and it has been removed until I can blend it in

I also noticed that the menu looks horrible in Firefox. Have any of you run into this? Thanks!

Hi disneyana

I have attached a txt file of your css, let me know what you think, i think you need to sort that out before you go any further.