Amazon Payment Advanced

We wanted to use Amazon Checkout but couldn't get it to run. Amazon's support says that CsCarts integration is based on the old 'Checkout by Amazon' account and not on the newer 'Amazon Payment Advanced'. Can anyone confirm? Is this something that could be fixed on CsCarts side?

Thank you!

You can search this forum for additional information. I believe I saw a post maybe a month ago in which CS-Cart stated that they will not support Amazon Payment Advanced due to low usage of Checkout by Amazon.

I had Checkout by Amazon, but had issues and could not use it. If it worked, I would have used Amazon Payment Advanced.

If other people had issues, then CS-Cart has bogus statistics, because I don't think they would consider those that would use an Amazon Payment method, if it worked.


Thanks for your answer. So Cs-Cart is advertising a payment method which is de facto obsolete. Unless I'm misunderstanding, this is really false advertising.

I found this post. The thread itself is long.