Amazon Checkout

I got tired of waiting for an add-on for this so I decided to try it out myself. Turns out it was actually pretty easy with very minimal customization.

I just added a new payment option and used one of the pre-existing template names (in my case pri_form). Then I edited pri_form.php to send the cart items, shipping, tax, etc to Amazon. I configured it so the the cart/store controlled all shipping and tax charges and they get displayed in the Amazon basket.

The order is processed in Amazon and then you get returned to your return URL.

I have screen shots, but can’t figure out how to upload them…

Sounds like a nifty addon. Well done!

I think you can upload files through the “manage attachments” button below the reply box. I’m fairly certain that is how I did it before.

Definitely would like to see screenshots of how you incorporated Amazon into CS-Cart

Yes, we would like to see screen shots of what you did here. This would be nice to implement.

I would also be interested in this.