alternative to cs-cart 2.0 ? with atribut filter

for a new multishopshop I need attribut filter system like cs-cart 2.0 but is only a beta ,not for production :frowning: and we dont have date to the stable realease. is realy problem for me because I need 3 licenses and i can’t use 1.3.5sp4 because I have many many product page and the filter attribut save me. no aditional addon for 1.3.5 series to implement this? , 1.3.6 in futur ? or waiting directly 2.0?

and I don’t want to go to magento for many reason… ( speed ,semantic,features ect…)

Anyone know another system cart with atribut filter ??? open source or with licence is not a problem .

2 week searching in many many web and no way.:roll: