Alternative Payment Method

So twice in the last month I’ve had foreign orders declined by PayPal for unknown reasons. They will not tell me the reason why, but that it has to do with the customer’s credit card. I’ve spoken to these customers on the phone and it seems PayPal will sometimes block the cards if there is something they don’t like about how the card is linked to their PayPal account.

These errors all happen when they are using direct payment with Visa or MC.

Today after 10 emails with the customer, 6 failed orders, 4 calls to PayPal and 1 call to the United Arab Emirates to call the customer, I finally had to manually process the order in a virtual terminal with another credit card processor. Needless to say the customer was pissed off. Normally I might suspect fraud given all the problems, but I know the guy and he’s an active member of our online community.

Has anyone else run into this BS? Although I used MiraPay to process this order succesfully, there is no module in CSCART for it, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good alternate processor for these problem orders. I’m based in Canada as well, but have US bank accounts if required.



Hello Jeff,

[QUOTE]Has anyone else run into this BS?[/QUOTE]

Yes, only somewhat…

We have had at least 2-3 situations in which a customer was unable to get a card to charge through Paypal Pro, however, could make a charge somewhere else immediately before or after without a problem, no question funds were available on their card…

As I recall “their issuing bank” actually put a lock on transactions paid thru Paypal because of a fraudulent transaction or something. After calling their bank of which apparently untriggered the block, they were able to place the order without problem! I didn’t feel it was a good use of my time to spend getting to the bottom of all the related specifics, so can’t say for certain what all of the details were…

[QUOTE] I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good alternate processor? [/QUOTE] is a very good choice and offers a nice level of control over fraud trigger settings, etc.

This is also one of the few gateways of which you have the option within CS-Cart to Authorize and Capture “seperately” if you choose to do so!