Alternate Text

I am trying to figure out how to improve my SEO and one thing I am trying to do is figure out the alternate text for my images.

Unfortunately when I added my product images I didn’t add any alternate text so now I have a few questions. Also I have titles for my images because when I hoover over the images or right click / properties I see the title, but no alternate text.

First do the search engines care if the see alternate text or just an image title?

Which is better?

If I should have alternate text how can I add it?(preferably without having to go to each product)

I hope someone can clue me in on this,


Brandon as spiders do not read images the tag becomes especially important. There is some debate as to whether or tags for images are competing for supremecy in SEO. As an SEO professional I opt for the tag wriiten as . Both tags can peacefully exist within the same statement.

You will see the title tag when you hover your mouse over an image and therefore it should be quite ‘SEO friendly’ and informative. Since CS-Cart does not provide a way to add to an image without changing some code, I use the tag on special images and not product images. Unfortunately there’s no way that I know of for ‘batch’ adding the element to product images already on the site. They would have to be done one by one. Since the tags would all be different how could this be implemented?


I posted the following thread a while ago regarding Title Tags and ALT tags. There was some replies regarding possible code changes. Maybe this might help you.




Thank you for your reply. What you stated about SEO is also what I thought. As for my images they all have title tags. When I hover over the image I can see the tag and when I click properties of the image I can also see it. I was just hoping to be able to add the alternate tag as well.

I was hoping to be able to edit a csv file or something, but when I do export a csv file and modify it all I end up with is title tags.


Thank you also. I have already seen the post you posted. It looks interesting, but no matter how I change the code as described in the post I still can’t get the alt tags to work.

Because I already have title tags I probably won’t worry too much about the alt tags for all of my existing products and will just be sure to put them in all of my new products.

If anyone else has any ideas I would appreciate to hear them though,


It depends on what you want your alt tag to be. All of my images have the product code for the title and the alt tags are the name of the product.

The title and alt tags are at the end of the link of your images. If you use the name of the product then you can easily edit a csv to add the name to the end of the link and then import it.