Alternate Images For Visitors With Slow Internet Connections

We run a store on v2.1.4 which sells Antennas and other solutions to assist our customers to get more signal to their 3G and 4G modems/routers.

We use a lot of images to make it easier for customers to identify the product they need for the product they have.

Selling products that will speed up an internet connection, to customers that currently have a very slow internet connection, is a bit of a problem since the customers often have difficulty loading our website.

It would be great to allow visitors to our website to hit a [View in Low Resolution] button that changed the /images folder setting to a folder that contains the low-resolution images, eg: /low-res-images and /our_skin/customer/low-res-images.

Basically, the images would be low-quality, heavily compressed versions but same dimensions with the same filenames, located in the alternate folder.

Even better would be a function that detected the download time of the home page, and decide to pop up a question box allowing customers to choose the low-res version.

Whilst we have optimized most images on the website, this function would be a great benefit to our customers, and improve our sales to those with the slowest of internet connections.

Wondering if this has been done and how easy it would be?

I’m thinking the function would simply write an alternate folder definitions for the session, remembered for the session only.

Any comments or advice greatly appreciated.