Alt Tags for images

I am trying to figure out how to create the title tags and alt tags for images. When you view the source on an image you can see that the is a field for alt and title but I do not know how to get it to show:

I went to the Product >General > Images > Alternative text/title

And I entered some text there but that did not seem to do anything.


if you mean version 3 then go to you skins/basic/customer/common_templates/images.tpl

find line 150 and change from




This way you wont have to worry about filling in any alt fields as its using the product title for alt and title tag. Thats a very good SEO factor, as the image name is very relevant to the product title.


PS dont forget to clear template cache!!!

thx for it!


Unfortunately this does not work for me. I have cleared the cache twice, but no success.

I would like to have the thumbnails on the product page and the enlarged image on the product page to have Alt-text. Automatically using the product title would be great!

Any suggestions on how to proceed?



If you add this to imege.tpl, after i clean my cache, filters do not work anymore ( is not showing all products )

If i add a new product, even if i clear cache is not listed in filters options.