Alpha release of the CS-Cart Multivendor edition

We are glad to inform you about the alpha version release of the CS-Cart Multivendor edition. It can be downloaded from [url][/url]

Main features:

  • vendors creating;
  • creating administrators for a vendor;
  • the vendors are able to work with their own products and orders;
  • the ability to set up vendor’s own shippings;
  • the main administrator is able to work on behalf of any vendor;

    Main peculiarities of multivendor edition:
  • All purchased products are paid for as one order, but then are split into several ones. One order for one vendor.
  • At the moment the vendor’s administrators are not distinguished by privileges.
  • The vendor can use both general shipping methods (allowed by the administrator) and its own methods.
  • All items that the vendor creates could not be seen to other vendors in the administration panel.
  • Features, Global options can be used as global ones that are set by the administrator, and as personal that are set by the vendor.
  • Reward points addon is not available for this version.

    Working as vendor.

    1. Creating and setting up the vendor.

    In order to create a vendor, it is necessary to log in to the admin panel, go to the “Users” tab and select “Vendors”.

    Click the “add vendor” button, and complete the form.

    The “General” tab - General information about your vendor company.

    The “Categories” tab - The list of categories in which vendor can display his products.

    The “Shipping methods” tab – Here the administrator will choose which shipping method defined in the main store could be used by the vendor.

    After you have submitted the form, a new vendor will be created. Now you should create an administrator for this vendor.

    2. Creating the administrator for the vendor.

    Go to the “Administrators” list in the “Users” tab. Click on “add user”. Complete all the required fields and select the “Vendor” that was created at the previous step.

    3. Creating vendor products.

    Now, when the vendor administrator has been created, you can log in. Log out from administration panel, and log in using the vendor administrator credentials at the same address (

    Now you can create your own products and add shipping methods.

    Also, you can act on behalf of a vendor in the admin area by simply selecting the necessary vendor in the select box near the currency select box at the top.


    All bugs and feature requests regarding Multivendor edition could be posted to the bugtracker at [url][/url] (note, you need to register first there).

    Attention! Please do not post any bugs regarding this version to the forum bugtracker.