Allow vendors to automatically import / update products via feed /xml/xls/csv


Is there any option to allow vendors to automatically import / update products via feed to their xml/xls l file link ? I dont see any option on vendors panel that allow them to add a link to their products file (xls//csv/xml)

If the Advanced import is installed, the following URL is available in the vendor area


Default import page also


So you can add corresponding item to the left side menu

But please note that the cron task can set up only store administrator since changes in the server configuration are required

Thanks a lot ! Is there any way for the vendor to load the file from url so he can update the product list and prices on that server file without uploading it every time he change it? This way we can enable cron task to check the file every 5 minutes.

When uploading file to the preset, there is an option “Link to file”, which allows you to provide a link to the file in any internet location. Then, vendor can update the file there, and if CRON is set up, changes will be reflected in your store.

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Also don’t forget that only you as the server owner, can set up the CRON jobs, so once your vendors have set up their presets and specified the import files, they’ll need to ask you to set up the CRON job.

How to add corresponding item to the left side menu ?

Use the Login as vendor feature at the top right menu and switch to the Edit structure mode there

Unfortunately I dont have ‘Edit structure mode’, I only have Store Front and Vendor Panel on the left, if I click on Vendor Panel the 3 right options are not showing like on your screenshoot. This is missing

I have Multi-Vendor v4.15.2 , it seems like only v 4.16.2 has the ability to add new menu items, right ? I dont want to upgrade, how to add the menu item on my previous Multi-Vendor v4.15.2 ?

I don’t understand why this link is available for vendors vendor.php?dispatch=import_presets.add&object_type=products while the menu its missing/can’t be enabled/added in an easy fashion on Cs-Cart v4.15.2

For your version it is required to extend the following menu schema


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Please have a look our addon Addon: Fast Products Import And Stocks Update From Excel, Xml With Mv Support

Addon supports XLS files too, has ability to update stocks / prices quickly.

We can provide addon to check for free.

Thanks a lot, I managed to add the menu !