Allow vendor to assign brand in vendor.php

Is it possible to allow the vendor to select a brand when adding product information?

For example if they are selling and Adidas t-shirts, they should be able to select adidas as the brand, this would make it much easier to categorise all adidas products from all vendors?


Please try Settings → Vendors → Allow vendors to manage product features:


Yeah we have tried that, however it doesnt allow the front end user to select “Brand” when inputting the product details.

We have even tried creating a list of products vendors can sell to make it easer for them to upload products with all the details filled out for them, however when they go to “sell this” they cannot add their own imagery, only the default imagery we provide.

Custom solution needed

May be I understand you wrong, but on the clean installation I can set up brand for product from the vendor panel

Yeah you can, but only after the product has been added.

I meant the brand and any other features should be able to be chosen at the product creation point

I understand now. But the product features depend on categories. Since category is not defined, product features can be added only after the product is created

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But surely if you set for example:

Adidas for a customer adding a t-shirt, set Adidas to all categories. Then I would show when adding the product.

  • Title
  • Category
  • Sun category
  • Price
  • Description
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Colour or anything else you want to add

It’s meant to be simplistic for the end user, and having them create a product then having to go back into the system to add further features, is confusing, time consuming and not user friendly.

The idea with CS Cart is to allow your average marketplace creator to build something to compete with eBay’s, Etsys etc the rate at which they gather product information is want customers demand.

It’s always been that way since the beginning of CSC. The only way to be able to fill all product data/information quickly in one step is to import the products via csv.

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That may be so, but it’s not the easiest way when you have users, used to the likes of Etsy etc, it’s too many steps and it’ll put users off.

Similarly, we have the option to create the products so they can use “sell this” feature which is useful, but when that’s set up, they can’t add their own images.

Leaves a lot to be desired.