Allow vendor to add their product to multil-vendors at product level


We have a question. We need help in creating a fairly straight forward addon that allows vendors to manage their products across all their locations from the product level.

So let me explain; Lets Start with Coca Cola as our vendor.

Coca Cola has a shop in Paris, their head office. But they also have shops all around the world, lets just say Toronto, Mumbai and New York for now.

When coca cola adds their product to their head office (Paris), they also want to make sure that this product is shown to the people who live in Toronto, Mumbai and New York as well, or maybe they only want it shown to the people in New York for this product specifically.

We want to add a section to the product listing that will show the vendors other locations (other vendor accounts) and allow them to select whether or not that product is available to that location.

I have created a mockup of the below - please ask for clarification as Id love to clarify further, or we can book a quick zoom call. If there is an addon out there for MV already - we’d also love to take a look

Please find the attachment helpful


We can fulfill your requirement. We can schedule a zoom call ,if you are available.
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Multivendor ultimate with shopfronts would work.

The first option is using stores and pick-up points … seems to be pretty much what you want.

Second option is you create a shopfront for each location.

You create a category for each shopfront = shopfront location.

The vendor adds their products to each category under the shopfront location (category) they want to sell the product in.

If you also used categories then you would need to create the category under each shopfront.

You would also then have the warehouse option, but if you vendors are truly seperate entitities that may not be the feature you want.

If you already have MV plus then you can upgrade for the difference.

Great, I will send a PM now and we can chat.


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